Liverpool ONE Jobs in Customer Service

If you’re looking for Liverpool ONE jobs, the byHEART Customer Service Apprenticeship is suitable for candidates aged 16+.

The role would be to deliver and improve the level of service offered at your placement organisation.

This qualification requires demonstration of customer service skills and taught knowledge in the workplace. For Liverpool ONE jobs specifically, our students are taught best practice in how to deal with any customer facing challenges that may arise in the placement organisation and improve the level of service offered.

There is a wide variety of optional units, ranging from topics that teach communication techniques, to marketing and sales skills that will help your business acquire new customers.

The qualification also teaches the softer skills necessary to improve the perception of your organisation. Customers include everyone you provide a service to. They may be internal or external to your organisation. The employee’s attitude and behaviour towards will affect customer satisfaction. Simply following procedures may not be enough to provide good customer service.

The mandatory units of this Diploma are standards that are transferrable across all customer-facing businesses, however the optional units in this qualification allow students and employers to tailor their qualification to meet the needs of your specific industry or workplace.

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